An Appointment That No One Can Reschedule Or Cancel!

An Appointment That No One Can Reschedule Or Cancel!

Facing the Inevitable: Our Appointment with Death

Introduction: Inevitable Appointment

Throughout life, we manage various appointments with professionals and organizations, but one appointment looms for everyone: our appointment with death. Unlike other appointments, this one cannot be rescheduled or avoided.

Understanding Our Composition

  • Three Parts of Humanity: Humans consist of the physical body, soul (mind, will, emotions), and spirit (inner core sensitive to God).
  • Physical Body’s Fate: Eventually, the physical body will return to dust or be cremated, a certainty regardless of when—whether in decades, years, or minutes.

Eternal Destinies: Heaven and Hell

  • Biblical Clarity: The Bible unequivocally presents Heaven and Hell as destinations for eternity, based on choices made during life.
  • Heaven: Reserved for those who accept God’s gift of salvation, where they dwell with God and the redeemed.
  • Hell: A place of eternal torment and separation from God, intended for those who reject salvation.

Choice and Consequence

  • Eternal Consequence: Every individual’s choices determine their eternal home—Heaven with God or Hell with eternal suffering alongside Satan and the fallen.

Preparedness and Certainty

  • Reflecting on Readiness: Do you know your destination when your appointed time arrives? Are you prepared?

Conclusion: Assurance and Decision

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