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Being Your Own Best Friend.

is a Guest Post used with permission from
Thomas Anderson, LMSW at
Being Your Own Best Friend.
friend of mine once told me that she only felt “worthy” when
there was a new goal to accomplish. Rather than feeling successful
after completing a project, she felt sad. Another friend shared that
she found herself self-sabotaging her efforts when things were going
well because she somehow felt “unworthy” of success and was
afraid that others might see her imperfections if she were to achieve
her goals.

There’s an old English proverb that says,
“You may find the worst enemy or best friend in yourself”. How
true for both of my friends–and possibly others.

How we
talk to ourselves and what we believe about ourselves is critical to
what we experience in our lives. Being able to recognize when your
thoughts are turning toward hindering emotions like fear, doubt,
anxiety or guilt is important so that you can reconnect to the
positive side of self-acceptance and value within.

We are
more than what we are doing in life—we are also who we are being in
life. In order for us to move from regret to renewal, we must be
willing to forgive ourselves and consider our own self a

We sometimes forget that we are
spiritual beings living in a physical body with a human soul. We
forget to embrace our own lives—Whose we are, and how far we’ve
already come by the Grace and Mercy of God. We forget that we are
limited with time and space and that life is not certain past
the moments we have right in the here and now.

I encourage
you to treat your own self with the love and compassion you share
with others. See yourself as your own “best friend.” Embrace your
life and celebrate God’s gift of “you”. Above all else,
remember often that you are always loved by our Creator.

to you,

Being Your Own Best Friend.

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