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30 Things For Christians To Consider.

30 Things For Christians To Consider.
1. We can confidently trust God for protection and peace.

2. We can place our confidence in God because He will listen when we
call on Him.

3. God is able to defend us from lies spoken against us.

4. God is able to rescue us.

5. God is the perfect judge and will punish those who persecute the

6. God, the all powerful Creator, cares for His most valuable
creation – people.

7. God never ignores our cries for help.

8. Although God may seem to be hidden at times, we can be assured
that He is aware of every injustice.

9. God’s rule provides stability in the midst of panic. Because we
can trust Him, we can face our problems.

10. We can call on God to protect us from those who try to
manipulate us.

11. We must continue to trust God even when He doesn’t answer us

12. How foolish it must seem to God when people say there is no God.

13. We enjoy the benefits of a life lived in companionship with God
now and eternally.

14. The true goal of life is to know God and the true reward of life
is to see God face to face one day.

15. The only sure way to be delivered from surrounding evil is to
call upon God for help and strength.

16. Both God’s creation and His Word reveal His greatness.

17. A prayer for victory can help us prepare for any great

18. Our trust should be placed in the Lord more than in human power.

19. When God answers our prayer, we should quickly and openly thank

20. We can look forward to that day when God will rule over the
entire earth.

21. We must follow God and obey His commands because He is our only
hope for eternal life and security.

22. Everything belongs to God so let us worship Him and welcome His
glorious reign.

23. As we place our trust in God, He grants our prayers for defense,
guidance and pardon.

24. If we are genuinely committed to God, we can stand up to
opposition and examination.

25. God offers help for today and hope for the future. Unwavering
confidence in God is our antidote for fear and loneliness.

26. God is our only real source of safety. Prayer is our best help
when trials come our way because it keeps us in communion with God.

27. We can trust God to give us both the peace and the strength to
weather the storms of life.

28. Earthly security is uncertain, but God is always faithful.

29. In times of stress, depending upon God requires complete

30. Forgiveness brings true joy. Only when we ask God to forgive us
our sins will He give us real happiness and relief from guilt.

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