Time Is Not For Sale.

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Time Is Not For Sale.
all the gift-giving options you have, there is one that can make a
tremendously positive impact on someone who needs a reason to hope –
and that is the priceless gift of your time.

Time cannot
be bought because it is not for sale, but it is something you have
right now that is more precious than gold or silver.

the holiday season, people can spend a lot of time and money buying
the right gifts for all the wrong reasons. The expectation of family
and friends to receive gifts places a heavy burden on the giver to
come through. The consequences of leaving certain people off the gift
list can cause more grief than it is worth.

unfortunate that Christmas has been reduced to the selling and buying
of things! All the hustle and bustle to go…to buy…to get…and
to do can leave you exhausted, stressed and depressed. 
Ironically, in this cheerful season of joy and hope, the suicide rate
is highest, which suggests that all that glitters is not

That’s why giving the gift of time can literally
make the difference between life and death for so many who have no
hope this season. If everyone would commit to giving at least one
hour of their time to someone less fortunate, someone who has lost a
loved one, or someone who is sick, the holidays will truly reflect
the true meaning of Christmas—giving the gift of love from a heart
of love.

Prosperity, Peace and Blessings,

Time Is Not For Sale.

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