Don’t Stop Swinging The Hammer.

received the following in an email and thought it presented
Message On Healing”

so well that we want to share it with you. Unfortunately, the author
is unknown. It’s a fairly long read but well worth your time and

Don't Stop Swinging The Hammer.

I was a child my parents purchased a home from my grandparents. It
was the home my Dad grew up in, so it was obviously an older home
that was very well established. In other words, it had been built
onto repeatedly over the years and it seemed like every square inch
of the lot had been developed in one way or another.

had a guest house in the back part of the property, a large patio
with a built in brick bar-b-q and fireplace, a second story over the
back house where a large, walk-in, multi-room pigeon coop was built,
and it seemed to me like there was concrete everywhere!

Dad set out to completely remodel the home, and as it turned out,
every square inch of the property as well. This of course took a few
years to accomplish, and because I was big for my age, it meant a few
of my summers were to be spent in helping with some of the
restoration process.

remember being about 10 or 11 years old, when my father informed me
that I would be helping him instead of out playing with my friends
during the summer months. Of course I wasn’t too happy about it, and
was even more sad when he placed a large, heavy sledge hammer in my
hands and told me to get busy and break up a small section of
concrete, load it in the wheelbarrow and dump it in the waste pile.

summer sun was very hot, and my attitude was not the greatest, but I
got to work. I swung the heavy hammer over head and came down as hard
as I could, hitting the concrete with a thud! Much to my surprise,
nothing happened, there was only a small scratch that could be seen.
I swung the hammer back and let it fly again, and came up with the
same result – nothing!

stuff was hard, and it seemed to resist every one of my hearty
attempts. I hit it again, and again, and again. Before long sweat
began to run off my forehead and into my eyes which made them sting.
My energy level was now just about gone and my muscles began to ache.
Disheartened, I sat down and felt like giving up. It wasn’t long
before my Dad came walking by, encouraging me to keep going, assuring
me that eventually it would break if I would just continue to hit it!

this point I was feeling real sorry for myself, and I was convinced I
was not up to the task. It just seemed that it was way too difficult
for me. I was hot, sweaty and very discouraged, but I stood up,
lifted the hammer and began to go at it once more. However, after
many repeated blows I grew weary, my strength was spent, and my arms
were sore. With great frustration, I sat down and felt like quitting,
but as chance would have it, my Dad came by and convinced me to get
up and continue the task.

reluctantly, I once again began to repeat the process that I felt was
so futile. Only this time as I hit it, some small hairline cracks
appeared – something was finally happening that I could see. With
renewed vigor and strength, I began to pound away. Then it happened –
it began to shatter into small chunks that could be lifted out and
placed into the wheelbarrow to be hauled away! Victory at last.

you to know that faith for healing is oftentimes much like breaking
concrete. We’re burdened down with the reality of the sickness or
disease. The symptoms are very real, and may even be well
established, having been there for quite awhile, and as we begin to
stand upon the Word of God, sometimes it can seem as if the problem
is as hard as concrete, resisting our every swing of the sledge
hammer of God’s Word.

can grow tired, and discouraged, and may even be tempted to say,
what’s the use! This is way too difficult for me.”

And we may even buy into the lie that it must not be God’s will for
us to be healed.

you may not realize is, just like the concrete, though you may not
see any change, it is beginning to crystallize and lose structural
integrity from within, and is getting ready to shatter. Every stroke
of the hammer of the Word of God brings it closer to the point where
eventually it will crumble. This is a fact.

Word of God reveals this truth to us in
“Is not My word like a fire?” says the LORD, “And like
a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?”

need to come to the place of understanding that the Word of God is
all powerful. You cannot separate the Word of God from God. They are
one in the same.

speaks of this;
the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…”

Word of God is a fire that purges and melts away all impurities, just
as fire purifies precious metal, leaving only that which is
treasured. It is also a hammer, that is able to crush even the most
resistant, stubborn circumstances, even those that seem so hard,
ingrained and established, that they could never be removed. The Word
of God is what it is – the very Word of God! The question is not in
the ability of the Word, it is in our perception of it.

ago I heard a wise man of God speak a phrase that I never forgot, and
it is certainly true in light of the above verse –
breaks down resistance

go ahead, and take a break if you’re tired, a praise and worship
break that is, and get refreshed with His power and might, and then
once again, take hold of the sledge hammer of God’s healing Word with
renewed vigor and strength, and command the problem, the symptoms and
circumstances, to leave in Jesus’ Name.

your healing Scriptures back out and begin meditating, pondering and
mulling over the truth they contain, allowing your faith to become
strong – then stare the problem square in the face and proclaim to it
what the Word says concerning your victory. Make it personal, and
proclaim them in the first person tense, declaring your ownership
over them with “I” “me” “my” and
“mine”. After all, He did it all just for you, and would
have done it just the same way if you were the only one who would
have benefited from His going to the cross.

to boldly declare,
am free from the law of sin and death, and I am under the law of
liberty in Christ Jesus. I’m redeemed from the curse of the law, and
no weapon formed against me can or will prosper. I’m a Blood bought
child of the King, Jesus paid the price for my salvation and for my
victory and I will have it. He sent His Word and healed me, and I
receive it, I believe it, it’s mine now, I take it by faith and I’m
not letting go of it. According to Jesus’ work at Calvary, and
according to the proclamation of the promises that are in the Word, I
declare myself a free man. For the Word says that he who the Son
sets free is free indeed. So I agree with the Word – I’m free from
the top of my head to the soles of my feet. My organs are free, my
heart is free, my blood is free, my mind is free, my back is free, my
eyes are free, my joints are free, my skin is free, my cells are free
– I’M FREE!!! Devil you get out of my life and take your sickness
and disease with you. I’m going on with God and I will walk in the
blessing of the Word, and I will fulfill the number of my days, and I
will do the works that God has ordained for me to do. I walk in
love, I walk in the power of the Spirit of God, I am anointed by God
to live in victory, and I will have it.”
praise him for it!!!

you know that your Heavenly Father is not holding anything back from
you that’s revealed within the Word? When it comes to His revealed,
written Word, He never says no. In fact, the Bible says in
Corinthians 1:20
all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory
of God through us.”

The word
be it.”

if you’ve been wondering if healing and deliverance are for you – you
can finally stop wondering, because He says

take a look at
Corinthians 3:21-23

let no one boast in men. For all things are yours: whether Paul or
Apollos or Cephas, or the world or life or death, or things present
or things to come — all are yours. And you are Christ’s, and Christ
is God’s.”

healing, health and well being are included in the phrase

Now that ought to make you want to stand up and shout!!!

come on, let’s get back to work. I know it seems so hard, and the
task seems so difficult, but by faith, take hold of the sledge hammer
of the Word of God with His strength and give it another swing. Who
knows, this next swing could just be the one that breaks it all

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