How God Can Heal Your Sexual Hurt.

is a Guest Post used with permission from Dr. Sam Serio
How God Can Heal Your Sexual Hurt.

hurt can come in many forms. But remember, God can heal them all.

God should be our first choice and not
our last resort when it comes to healing our sexual hurt. This pain
and ache is not something we can easily or quickly figure out or fix
all by ourselves.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds but God
does. How? There is no sexual experience, memory, temptation or
addiction that is too strong for Him. His grace is greater than our
sin or sadness. Here are 10 reasons to include God in your deepest
wounds or darkest secrets in life:

1. God knows what sex can do.
He knows that sex can be beautiful or horrible. It can be
exhilarating or humiliating, delightful or disgusting. It can bond a
couple together and it can tear a person apart. God knows how we can
be deeply hurt by unwanted sexual experiences and also by mutually
consenting adults. He invented it and knows that it’s just not as
casual as we think. He knows how it hurts you now.

2. God wrote a book for you.
Reality TV is nothing
compared to the real life stories in the Bible! God included family
sexual dysfunction, honeymoon night romance, violent rape scenes,
tender physical fondling, seductive deadly attraction, sneaky sexual
assault and devastating emotional trauma. It’s all there in the
Bible to let us know that God is not a prude but keeps it real and
has real answers for us.

3. God knows what you went through.
You think He wasn’t there
when it happened but He was. Nothing escapes Him. You weren’t alone
then and you’re not alone now. He knows all the exact details of
who, how, when, why, where and how long—more than anyone else. He
can give you clarity and closure like none other. Include Him in
your healing because He knows everything that happened to you.

4. God does what we can’t do. He
offers you strength and peace that the world can’t give to you. No
self-help book can accomplish what He can do. No one can whisper to
you the truths He will tell you when you’re quiet in His presence.
If He can calm a raging storm, walk on water, make blind people see,
get the lame to walk and raise the dead—is there anything God can’t
do in helping you to heal today?

5. God knows what hurt feels like.
Jesus was betrayed and
abandoned by people who promised loyalty and protection, much like we
are. He was stripped naked, physically violated and sexually
humiliated. Maybe the same happened to you… He was acquainted
with grief and a man of sorrows. He’s been there and done that with
life’s trauma, injustices and suffering. He hurt just like we do

6. God came to bring you life. He
came to bring freedom to those who are held captive. Does that
describe how you feel today? You can’t forget and you won’t forgive.
It doesn’t go away… Jesus came to rescue us from thoughts that
will destroy us. His truth will set you free and He will guide you
into truth. God is not the killjoy; rather, He came to give joy. He
brings light to those who are living in darkness.

7. One day, He will right all
It’s tough to
handle your hurt because it seems like you lose and they win. They
got away with it and fooled everyone. Maybe they’re still fooling
people to this day. Remember, it will all be reversed. Those who do
or did wrong will not get away with their secrets or sins. One day,
everything will be exposed. One day, He will wipe away all your tears
and erase the memories.

8. Your heart is in His hands.
That’s great news to know
that it’s not all up to you to heal yourself. God can restore and
soften your heart. Jesus told us we would find rest in Him for our
weary souls and heavy burdens. He can mend our hearts to be strong
again and mold our heart so you feel clean once again. You may feel
like you are damaged goods but God can help you see you are a new
creation in Christ. There is no human heart that is too addicted or
wounded for Him to change. It’s what He does best.

9. Forgiveness comes from God.
This is probably the last thing you want to think about at this time.
Sooner or later though—when you’re ready—there will come a time
when it will be wise and healthy for you to forgive the person who
deceived or disappointed you. You’ll need God’s help to do this
because an apology will probably never come from the lips of the
person who hurt you so deeply. Jesus talked a lot about forgiveness
and extended it to people who abused and assaulted Him on the way to
the cross. He’ll show you how to forgive the person/s who changed
your life so you can get on with life afresh.

10. His ways are above our ways.
People let us down. They
disappoint us, deceive us and some even try to destroy us. God is in
a totally different category. He doesn’t lie and He doesn’t leave.
And He doesn’t stop loving His children. He will never do anything
wrong to you. He is someone you can finally trust. He might
actually be the only person you will ever trust in your life as a
result of the sexual hurt.

Maybe you were treated sexually
horribly as a child. Your Father in heaven is different. Maybe your
significant other took advantage of you, betrayed you, left you or
scarred you. Your Bridegroom in heaven is different. When you’ve
got shattered dreams, broken promises, family dysfunction, panic
attacks, powerful addictions, health issues, overwhelming rage,
childhood lost, trust stolen, false guilt or permanent memories, God
is your very best shot in this life of becoming completely whole

Sam Serio
a Christian Counselor, Author, Speaker and Teacher. His specialty
and ministry is in healing the sexual hurts and habits of women, men
and couples. He touches upon the taboo sexual topics that the church
usually ignores. This article is taken from his contemporary website healingsexualhurt.com

he is president and founder. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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