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If You Want The Key To A Truly Abundant Life, Abide In Jesus!

How To Live Your Faith Each Day (Part 1)

Heaven Or Hell – Which One Will You Choose?

Will You Be One Of Millions Deceived And Headed For Hell?

25 Characteristics Of A Child Of God.

There Is Much Power In Your Words!

An Appointment That No One Can Reschedule Or Cancel!

I’m A New Believer (Christian) – What Should I Do Now?

Invitation For Guest Posts And Personal Testimonies.

Is Jesus The Only Way To Heaven?

Is Jesus Really God? 

The Last Days: Satan Has Stepped Up His Persecution.

God Works In Mysterious Ways.

Is Your Light Shining Brightly?

The High Priority Of Soul Winning.

Which Church Saves? 

6 Ways To Pray For Other Christians.

How To Get Your Prayers Answered.

Are You Stretched Past Your Breaking Point?

Let Jesus Carry Your Load. 

For All Mothers And Mothers-To-Be. 

What Is Your Purpose?  

Christians: Are You Using Your “Exousia” And “Dunamis”?

Hell Is Constantly Being Enlarged!

7 Consequences Of Worrying.

Jesus Is Crucified, Mummified And Resurrected.

The Crucifixion And Death Of Jesus Christ.

7 Lies Of The Devil About Getting Into Heaven.

2 Gates – Which One Will You Choose?

A New Relationship Between You And God.

Are You Ready For Christ’s Return?

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Who And What You Are In Christ!

Rejoice Always, Pray Continually, And Give Thanks.

Learn 5 Keys For Successfully Resolving Conflicts.

What Does The Holy Spirit Do For The Born Again Believer?

Symbols Of The Holy Spirit.

Joy Versus Happiness.

Prayer: Your Direct Link To God.

Your Passport To Heaven.

Be An Encourager.

Do You Want To Go To Hell?

12 Communication Guidelines For A Better Marriage.

A Quick Test To Evaluate Your Marriage.

5 Keys For Successfully Resolving Personal Relationship Conflicts.

This Could Be The Last Day – Are You Ready?

Bible Proverbs About Money (Part 1).

Bible Proverbs About Money (Part 2).

Things God Hates Or Detests.

Bible Food For Thought (Part 1).

Bible Food For Thought (Part 2).

Bible Food For Thought (Part 3).

Bible Food For Thought (Part 4).

Bible Food For Thought (Part 5).

God Answered Our Prayers.

Death Through Adam, Life Through Christ.

Are You Ready For Your Final Appointment?


A Catastrophe In America!

Hallelujah – We’ve Passed Another Milestone!

What Is Your Response To The Unfair Affairs In Life?

The Gift Of God Is Eternal Life!

The Death Of Common Sense In America.

I Met My Master Face To Face!

The Judgment Seat Of Christ.

The Blessings Of Irritations.

Are You Ready?

Use God’s Armor To Resist Attacks.

Salvation By Faith In Jesus Christ.

Distorted Christianity Versus True Christianity.

How Can Our Prayers Go Unanswered?

Principles Of Confrontation.

Do Not Judge Or Slander Others!

Making Choices In Sensitive Issues.

Christians, Don’t Give Up!

How To Get Victory Over Worry!

Wisdom…Do You Have It?

Always Put Your Trust In God!

God Disciplines His Children.

Are You Born Again (Saved)?

What Is The Character Of A True Christian?

Do You Have A Worldly Attitude?

Sins Versus Signs Of Love.

The True Gospel Versus False Gospels.

Vices And Virtues.

Two Choices.

God Loves You.

Come To God Today!

Being Your Own Best Friend.

Fight The Good Fight Of Faith.

Show Kindness Every Day.

Hallelujah! He Is Risen!

Are You Growing Spiritually?

Mountain Moving Faith.

15 Things For Christians To Consider.

What True Love Really Is.

What Does Love Have To Do With It?

Pride And The Road To Ruin.

The Heart Matters.

God Lives In You.

Are You Dying Spiritually?

My Never Again List.

30 Things For Christians To Consider.

Time Marches On!

The Seed That Wouldn’t Grow.

What Is Meant By Salvation?

Fear Not!

Happy New Year!

Christmas At The Gas Station.

It’s Time To Draw Near To God!

What Is God’s Word (The Bible) Like?

Don’t Stop Swinging The Hammer.

Time Is Not For Sale.

7 Myths About Getting Into Heaven.

Bible Books Of Genesis And Revelation Compared.

10 Things We Know About Eternity.

Each Bible Book Explained In 10 Words Or Less (Part 1)

Each Bible Book Explained In 10 Words Or Less (Part 2)

The 26 Names Of Jesus In Revelation.

Praise Report: Look What The Lord Has Done!

You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow.

Are You Receiving God’s Many Blessings?

How Great Is Our God!

Have You Praised The Lord Today?

Is Your Name Written In “The Lamb’s Book Of Life”?

Are You Living As One Forgiven?

God’s Amazing Grace.

Can The World See Jesus In You?

Are You Ready For The Rapture?

How To Live Your Faith Each Day (Part 1)

How To Live Your Faith Each Day (Part 2).

How To Live Your Faith Each Day (Part 3)

How To Live Your Faith Each Day (Part 4)

Life Unpredictable! Sunshine In The Storms Of Life.

The U.S. Is Rapidly Becoming An Apostate Nation.

To Determine Your Strengths And Growth Areas, Take A Personal Inventory.

10 Steps To Effective Prayer (Part One).

10 Steps To Effective Prayer (Part Two).

5 Keys To Answered Prayer.

What Is Prayer And Who Does God Hear?

Jesus Came To Save The Lost!

16 End Times Signs: It’s Later Than You Think!

If God Is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?

The American Mission Field.

Transitions – The Changes That Come In Life.

For Some, Father’s Day Requires Some Delicate Preaching.

How God Can Heal Your Sexual Hurt.

8 Winning Principles For Rebuke, Confrontation, And Discipline.

Would You Like Some New Or More International Exposure For Your Christian Writings?

I Didn’t Sign Up For This!

Jesus Can Give You Peace In Times Of Turmoil.

9 Examples Of Where Jesus Exceeded People’s Expectations.

Now You Can Pray Directly To God – No Priest Required!

How To Know You Will Be Extraordinarily Successful.

The Rubik’s Cube of Life.

Inspiring Insights for Your Soul and Spirit!

Hell Is Filled With People Who Made The Wrong Choice!

A Contemplative Night.

12 Distinguishing Qualities Of Jesus In The Gospels.

The 36 Names And Titles For Jesus Found In The Book Of Revelation.

A Divine Stream Of Supernatural Revelation (Part 1)

A Divine Stream Of Supernatural Revelation (Part 2)

Jesus’ Death And Resurrection: The Details And Time Line (Part One).

Jesus’ Death And Resurrection: The Details And Time Line (Part Two).

Evidence That Jesus Actually Died And Arose.

Why Did Jesus Have To Die?

The Six Stages Of Jesus’ Illegal Trial.

All Along I Thought I Was Serving God.

The Pitfalls of False Grace For ‘Minor Sin’.

Unsaved Christians: Do We Understand The Threat Of Sin In The Life Of Christians?

Believe It Or Not, There Is Still Only One Way To Heaven!

Are You Guilty Of Any Of The 7 Deadly Sins?

5 Keys For Successfully Resolving Conflicts.

How To Avoid The Seven Woes That Guarantee God’s Anger! ( Part 1 )

How To Avoid The Seven Woes That Guarantee God’s Anger! ( Part 2 )

How To Avoid The Seven Woes That Guarantee God’s Anger! ( Part 3 )

Ask, Seek, Knock.

Seven Reasons Not To Worry!

Life And Death Are In The Power Of Your Tongue…So Choose Life!