Are You Stretched Past Your Breaking Point?

NOTE: This is a Guest Post used with permission from Gloria Thomas Anderson, LMSW at

Are you currently facing something in your life that is really testing your faith in God? Does it seem like constant and steady bombardments of challenges keep knocking at your door? It may be work related or a relationship or a family issue. It may be financial or a health concern. It may be grief for a loss that is near to your heart.

Sometimes the testing can try you in such a way that you question whether or not you will be able to get through. There’s a saying, "in every life a little rain must fall." Sometimes that little rain shower turns into a drenching downpour, releasing every kind of stress and anxiety at the most vulnerable times.

We’re often told to “be strong and hold on” and although those words are comforting, sometimes we can still feel like we are being stretched past the breaking point. No matter how strong we might think we are, there comes a time when our strength will be tested in some circumstance, usually beyond our control.

When this happens, it is critical to press past the moments of conflict and persist in maintaining our hope in God. Being stretched past the breaking point doesn’t necessarily mean that you will break. As long as you hold onto hope, you have the capacity to bounce back with resiliency. Greater strength prevails through your faith and in God’s faithfulness towards you.


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