What Is Your Response To The Unfair Affairs In Life?

NOTE: This is a Guest Post used with permission from Gloria Thomas Anderson,

Have you ever felt like life has dealt an unfair hand of hardship to you? I know that I have felt that way occasionally—until I met Rita (alias).

This beautiful young lady openly shared her courageous story with me. A life filled with horrendous experiences that were hard to even imagine. As I listened to her life of poverty and abuse, what stood out to me most was her positive attitude.

She spoke with a strong determination to continue onward in the destiny and purpose she envisioned for her life. The saying that "you can't tell a book by its cover" is an applicable one. To look at her from the outside, you would never know the atrocities she had survived. The same analogy may apply to you.

" No one else can take your choice of response."
-Gloria Thomas Anderson, LMSW

Sometimes what others may think they see when looking at you is not what is at all. You may lack control over certain life situations, especially when it involves other people whose actions are contrary to you. As you read the poem, "Choices", ask yourself, "How am I responding to unfair life circumstances?"

Sometimes the reality of what someone else has gone through can cause us to remember how blessed we are. How we choose to respond to the unfair affairs of life is our choice. No one else can take your choice of response. That is only given away—by choice. 

Peace to you,

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