Each Bible Book Explained In 10 Words Or Less (Part 1)

Note: The Following Is From The Book “Know Your Bible”, Published By Barbour Publishing, Inc. Used By Permission.

To help you gain a quick understanding of the books of the Bible, in this 2 Part Series, we explain the key theme of all 66 books of the Bible in 10 words or less. Part 1 covers the 39 books of the Old Testament and Part 2 will cover the 27 books of the New Testament.


1. Genesis: God creates the world and chooses a special people.
2. Exodus: God delivers His people, the Israelites, from slavery in Egypt.
3. Leviticus: A holy God explains how to worship Him.
4. Numbers: Faithless Israelites wander forty years in the wilderness of Sinai.
5. Deuteronomy: Moses reminds the Israelites of their history and God's laws.
6. Joshua: The Israelites capture and settle the promised land of Canaan.
7. Judges: Israel goes through cycles of sin, suffering, and salvation.
8. Ruth: Loyal daughter-in-law pictures God's faithfulness, love, and care.
9. 1 Samuel: Israel's twelve tribes unite under a king.
10. 2 Samuel: David becomes Israel's greatest king – but with major flaws.
11. 1 Kings: Israel divides into rival northern and southern nations.
12. 2 Kings: Both Jewish nations are destroyed by their disobedience to God.
13. 1 Chronicles: King David's reign is detailed and analyzed.
14. 2 Chronicles: The history of Israel from Solomon to division to destruction.
15. Ezra: Spiritual renewal begins after the Jews return from exile.
16. Nehemiah: Returning Jewish exiles rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem.
17. Esther: Beautiful Jewish girl becomes queen, saves fellow Jews from slaughter.
18. Job: God allows human suffering for His own purposes.
19. Psalms: Ancient Jewish songbook showcases prayers, praise and complaints to God.
20. Proverbs: Pithy, memorable sayings encourage people to pursue wisdom.
21. Ecclesiastes: Apart from God, life is empty and unsatisfying.
22. Song Of Solomon: Married love is a beautiful thing worth celebrating.
23. Isaiah: A coming Messiah will save people from their sins.
24. Jeremiah: After years of sinful behavior, Judah will be punished.
25. Lamentations: A despairing poem about the destruction of Jerusalem.
26. Ezekiel: Though Israel is in exile, the nation will be restored.
27. Daniel: Faithful to God in a challenging setting, Daniel is blessed.
28. Hosea: Prophet's marriage to prostitute reflects God's relationship with Israel.
29. Joel: Locust plague pictures God's judgment of His sinful people.
30. Amos: Real religion isn't just ritual but treating people with justice.
31. Obadiah: Edom will suffer for participating in Jerusalem destruction.
32. Jonah: Reluctant prophet, running from God, is swallowed by giant fish.
33. Micah: Israel and Judah will suffer for their idolatry and injustice.
34. Nahum: Powerful, wicked Nineveh will fall before God's judgment.
35. Habakkuk: Trust God eve when He seems unresponsive or unfair.
36. Zephaniah: A coming “Day Of The Lord” promises heavy judgment.
37. Haggai: Jews returning from exile need to rebuild God's temple.
38. Zechariah: Jewish exiles should rebuild their temple and anticipate their Messiah.
39. Malachi: The Jews have become careless in their attitude toward God.

Note: Part 2 will cover the 27 books of the New Testament.

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