Life Unpredictable! Sunshine In The Storms Of Life.

NOTE: This is a Guest Post used with permission from Gloria Thomas Anderson, LMSW at

Lately, the weather across the country has been anything but “normal”. Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and flooding seem to be happening in places that usually do not experience these conditions, but such is a metaphor of life—unpredictable.

One recent morning, I decided to take a walk, although the sky was overcast and a light drizzly rain was falling. With umbrella in hand, I started on the mile-long walking trail that has several hills and winding paths. I began to think about a situation that brought a mixture of sadness and joy to my mind.

Through tear-glazed eyes, I felt a calm come over me as I thought about all the life storms God has already brought me through. Whatever circumstances may be happening in our lives, the peace of God brings comfort to our souls. Sometime a storm comes into our lives to release what
was in order to make room for what is to become.

As I continued walking, the clouds remained and light sprinkles of rain fell upon my face. I noticed a rabbit on my left and a bluebird on my right as I shifted my thoughts to nature’s wonders in the quietness of early morning.

And just as I came around a bend, the sun suddenly appeared, breaking through the clouds! I felt hopeful and encouraged as I realized that life unpredictable could also result in something positive.

Wherever you are on your path of life, the important thing to remember is to keep moving forward. Continue on. And like the unexpected rays of sunshine that brought hope to me on my morning walk, be mindful that it's bound to appear somewhere along your way too, perhaps unexpectedly—right smack dab in the midst of a storm!

Blessings to you,


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