By:  Bill and Teddy Rogers

God willing, Prime Life Ministries will soon begin a series of Scripture Based Posts on Salvation, Faith, Witnessing, Healing, Relationships, Finances, Prosperity, the Rapture, the Tribulation Period, Eternity and More...

Each Post will include Scriptures that will Help you in these areas and give you Hope and Encouragement.

To help as many people as possible, our posts will alternate between the above subjects.


1. Check back often to see what is new. If you find the information helpful, please share it with others.

2. Prayer Requests: If you need prayer, click on the “ContactUs” Page and complete the form. As soon as we receive your request, we will pray for you.

3.  If you are not saved, we encourage you to click on and read our “Most Important Question” Page.  You'll be very glad you did!

4.  If you are saved and not witnessing, we encourage you to click on and read our “FREE Witnessing Tool” Page.  Using this makes it easy and fun to be a witness.


And now, may the Lord bless you, keep you, make His face to shine upon you, be gracious unto you, and give you His peace.

May you know in the depths of your soul that God loves you, He wants the best for you, and His provisions are greater than anything you can ask or imagine.

Remember, with God, all things are possible! Amen.

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